What are my Roots?

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3  stimulating discussion points to engage your students in search of their roots 

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enlightenedMeet my Family

What do we mean when we say "my roots?" Have you ever made a family tree

enlightenedBy Land, Sea or Air

As you started looking back into the history of your family, did you find that they did not originate in the country where you now live? 

Art by Ileana S., age 14, Romania 2001/02

enlightenedLooking back in time

Was life the same for our ancestors as it is for you today? Do you have any old photos of your family? Share them with your class. We will step back in time and try to picture what life was like for our relatives 100 years ago.

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MINIMUM TIME REQUIRED: 8 lessons (40 minutes lessons).

TIME SCHEDULE: October 15 ! Registration deadline is October 1st.  The project begins on October 30.

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Art by Elina M.,
10th grade
,Azerbaijan 2002/03

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Picture by