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What's "My Roots" Project?

Going back to my roots....

It's a project that  supports the students to identify and appreciate themselves and their culture within their own family lineage. 

We all know our own countries very well, but what about the "others"? Our companions come from countries, as near or far they as they may be, are little known to us:: why not ask? why not share?

They will be encouraged to gather information about their cultural heritage from various sources, including communication with the older members of the family. Through various activities, students may reflect the different ways in which their cultures are assimilated into other cultures and / or ways in which people sometimes lose their identity.
Students will then reflect on and discuss the importance of accepting and celebrating our cultural diversity. The global dialog is the main focus of the project. It is critical that kids have enough time dedicated to the dialog. So teachers need to guide the project such that the creative activities don't take up all of the time.

"Cowherd man with his cows" by Sudait M. (14), India, 17 Feb 2001

This project is for any age group. It is also suitable for EFL students at the basic level

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How to ParticipateRegistration Phases, Timelines, Instructions

Students ActivityWorking space for teachers and students 

RulesRead this page before starting

Resources:  Subjects for Discussion, Activities, links

Life-skills: The Project provides an excellent  practice for developing the skills and competencies students need to succeed. While working with topics related to social studies, history, literacy, math, and science, students are also developing the  competencies needed to use academic content: Cooperation and Teamwork, Empathy, Interpersonal communication,  Organization, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity, Technology Skills, and Self and Global Awareness.
One exciting outcome of participating is that both students and teachers  often develop enduring relatinships for future classroom-to-classroom interactions with new friends from around the world.

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