Roots Resources

Some additional input  to discuss in deep with your students. 

1. Meet my Family

  1. Are there special naming traditions in your family? Do you know the meaning and origin of your name? 

  2. Write a short text to explain it

  3. Make an acronym of your name. Add a drawing.

2. By Land, Sea or Air

  1. Have you moved from the city where you were born? When did you move? Do you know why you moved? Ask your parents to tell you about the places that you can't remember because you were too little when you left.

  2. How you were accepted when you arrived in your new home. Was it an easy transition? 

  3. If any of your ancestors moved to another country what year did this move take place? What was happening in the world at that time?

  4. When families move to another country is it difficult to keep their national identity? In your school, are there students from other lands and cultures? Do they wear clothing that identifies their culture? Are they accepted by the other students?

  5. Are there holidays or festivals in your town that reflect the cultures of other people who have moved to your area? List and describe them 

3. Looking back in time

  1. Ask your parents or grandparents if they remember when the TV and radio came. How did it change their lives? How do you think they lived without these inventions? Share your feelings on this topic with your online friends.

  2.  How does the clothing that your grandparents wore when they were young differ from the clothes you wear today? Are hair styles the same?

  3.  How has music changed over the past 50 years? What type of music was not around when your grandparents were young?


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