Why and How to register your students

Why to Register your students

Once registered, students  by their username and password,  can create their personal pages starting from their School Introduction Page. In this way they can, if they wish,  to display and share their works  a little by little as they running them. They will be also able to add some comments in their partners' pages to start  a knowledge. 

  • Look at Students Activities old pages in Kidspace (E.G. Roots working Space) You can see how other students worked in this project year ago and  in different languages

  • The title of this personal page will be:  Kidspace username. E.G: EmelieF  

  • Teachers will receive an alert email with a link by which they can activate/deactivate their students' pages and make them visible.

enlightenedLook out: you need to be logged into Kidspace before clicking on the link)

enlightenedBe careful! Students have to create pages by your School Introduction Page. Otherwise you will not  receive alert emails to check and activate them! 


How  To Register your students

Send the following data: student names, student account passwords, student age, School nation, school name, student email. (If they do not  have use teacher's email)

Send the data using one line per student according to this example in this order:

Jerry,Gfuz6115,10,USA,Baltimore Elementary,jerryA@mail.com

Jame,Cecd9685,10,USA,Baltimore Eementary,jame2012@libero.com  

Anna,Xvpk2105,11,USA,Baltimore Elementary, anna345@gmail.com  

Pierre,Xwuj5357,10,USA,Baltimore Elementary,pierreA@hotmail.com

Send the list to info@kidlink.net or to the project's coordinator