Roots Curriculum

Participation in this project will allow your students to practice many skills and concepts in a variety of subjects.

Language Arts/Writing

  • Using the steps within the writing process.
  • Writing for different audiences and purposes: to inform, to express personal ideas, to persuade.
  • Writing in different forms.
  • Comparing and contrasting ideas from several sources
  • Researching local folklore, fables, legends, tales and family traditions
  • Conducting interviews
  • Creating a Family Tree

Social Studies

  • Learning about recreational activities and sports in other countries
  • Describing holidays, festivals and local customs
  • Using maps to locate countries
  • Making timelines for historical events
  • Relating family history to the events found in history books


  • Analyzing and interpreting data using charts and graphs
  • Classifying information into categories
  • Using graphic organizers such as a Venn Diagram


  • Discussing environmental issues
  • Applying information for problem solving


  • Accessing and utilizing of different internet tools to display activity
  • Learn how technologies like eg cooking, heating and washing has changed over time
  • Participating in an skype sessions
  • Netiquette and Social Network

Interdisciplinary Skills

  • Listening to others,
  • Questioning,
  • Building knowledge based on experiences and knowledges in the group,
  • Write reports