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Some teachers would like to register not because they want to take part in a specific Kidlink project, but to give their students a chance to meet someone from another country; they seem to be interested in a PenPals experience:

"I would love for my students, who live in a small country town .. to have a chance to meet someone from another country..." - "I hope to find ideas to create a partnership with other schools and to connect my children with other children and work together." - "I want to open the world to my class. I want to learn about other countries from children who live there." - "I would like for them to communicate with other students to really expand their world."

About what should your students talk about with their epals?.

Kidlink has projects already set-up for the classroom and these projects allow collaboration with classrooms speaking English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Catalan, Cingalese and other languages as language itself is not a barrier to collaboration.

Look e.g. some of our project.  Your registered students can create their pages,  connect with pairs and work together . You can plan Skype sessions too.

Every Kidlink project gives the opportunity to communicate peer-to-peer,  They will always have something to tell each other as they know what they are talking about. In this way they will overcome the difficulties of old-fashioned foreign pen-pal projects. Students will have the opportunity to talk using words and/or pictures about their culture, country, school, holidays, games and to make friends all over the world!

So, please, consider again the opportunity to involve your class in one of our projects or suggest a new one for all of us!







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