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Where do I Live
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Getting started -instructions for teachers
- short summary-

  1. Register yourself to Kidlink. 
  2. OPTIONAL: Get your students registered too. (follow the instructions in How to participate - Kidspace for Students)
  3. Once logged on Kidlink, go to the Students Pages 2017-18 
  4. and create a main page for your school with data about yourself, your class and school.
  5. Starting from  this page you, or your students, if registered, will create pages  where to display the requested activities.
  • Encourage your students, if registered,  to write meaningful comments in the partners pages. 
  • You receive alert email when your students post comments; follow the link and approve it. (You need to be logged)
  • Post comments in students pages. They need to be supported.
  • From your school main page you are allowed to create your own page structure. You may create different main pages for different activities. 
  • We advice you to read instructions about how to Add and Activate Comments, Create and Edit Pages, Add images, at KidspaceHelp
If you need some help, contact the Project coordinator, a-PiaA
    FB Where do I live ? group
Usually, the learning process starts with a face-to-face discussion in a classroom. Look at others schools works to get inspiration and improve your work. After the discussion, conclusions and views are presented in pages to enable questions, feedback and comments. 

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