Where-Question 4. Our Global Village

enlightenedEach  "Discussion Questions" and "Activities" are optional. Decide with your students what questions to answer, what activities to work on and which final products you will share here.

4. Question: Our Global Village


Our places have unique things to share and by learning how others are doing things we enrich each other. Everyone and every place is important in our global community. As we grow in understanding and appreciation of our differences and unique gifts we can begin to celebrate our diversity.

Discussion Questions

  • Does the name of your place, area, country have a special meaning?
  • What does it meanto show respect for someone? How do you feelwhen someone respects you? 
  • How are kids accepted where you live when theycome from another country or culture?
  • Does your area or country have a legend or folklorethat you know? Share itwith the group.
  • What does it mean to grow up as a girl or boyin your country?Are there different expectations for each?
  • Do you think that there is a prejudicein your area?How would you define prejudice? Share experiences of prejudice, when you felt it and when you showed prejudice if you have.
  • Do you feel that people judge you by how you look, talk or dress?
  •  Sometimes we refer to the world as a global village.Why do you think that people talk this way? Do you think it is right? Why? Why not?
  • We know that people in the global village have different opinions and argue.How can we share different opinions in a positive way.

Activities (suggestion)

  • Tell us something about your place/area/country by writing a poem. If there are special poems from your areashare themwith the others. You could evenfind a song from your area and share it as a midi file.
  • Interview an older personin your family or community and ask them to tell you about their home when they were your age.Share with us their stories.
  •  How is life different today? What topics might you compare? What would you like that wouldn't have changed? Could things have been changed in a  better way?

 - kinds of entertainment?

 - clothing?

 - prices?

 - music?

 - hair styles?

 - parent/child relationships?

Art by Maria S. 16yrs girl  Romania 2002

  • Design a carton and create a cartoon story to compare the differences between life today and life as your grandparents lived it years ago. Take the information you found for activity 3 and share it in your pages.
  • Are there certain celebrations in your area/country? How are they and why are they? Do you have a national day? What should it remind you about? Do you like it? Would you like to have more such days or 1.less? Share with the others in the project your traditions on celebrations.
  • Write a short storyabout a new student in a school who has recently moved from another country. Be sure to use good descriptive words to capture the emotions new students in a school might feel.

enlightenedAnswer the questions "Our Global Village".Add your answers to the answers you saved from the past lessons. Add your drawings and everything you did to better illustrate your work in this project. Don't forgett to post comments in your  virtual classmates'pages!!

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