Where-Question 3. The places Where I learn

enlightenedEach  "Discussion Questions" and "Activities" are optional. Decide with your students what questions to answer, what activities to work on and which final products you will share here.

3. Question: The Places Where I Learn


We all learn different things and not all the same way. We might be seeing the same things and hearing the same things but still we learn different things from it. Tell us about the places where you learn and how you learn. Discuss your life as a life-long learner no matter where it is. 

Discussion Questions

  • Tell us about where and how you learn. Describe the places. What do you feel is most important to learn? 
  • How do you feel about your school? Do you like it? Does it give you the feeling that you are getting a good education? 
  • What hours of the day and what days of the week are you learning? How long is your school year? In what month does it start and what month does it end? 
  • What is your favorite part of your learning day? Why is it your favorite? 
  • Do you like what is chosen for you to learn? Do you think that the most important things are selected or is there something missing?
  • Is there some other activity in your school than formal learning? What is it? Are you participating?
  • What are your happiest memories of your learning experiences? 
  • What do you learn outside school? Are some people around you that you learn from? Friends, parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents, neighbours? 
  • Describe a learning moment when you were very proud of yourself.
  • Do you see something in the education you are getting that is directly linked to what you would like to be when you grow up? 
  • Do you keep pets? Do they teach you something? 

Activities (Suggestions)

  • Choose one day this week and write a journal entry for every hour on the hour. Take short notes during your learning day describing where you are and what your feelings are at the time. If you are in a learning situation that you really enjoy, tell us why you like it. Be sure to describe your feelings in greater detail every evening. 
  • Compare journals with the other students who are participating in this project with you.  Make a list of questions that you would like to see answered such as: 

      --Are students in school the same number of hours  each day around the world? 

      --Do some students have more time in school during the year than others? 

      --Are there subjects in schools around the world that kids your age like best? What are these subjects? 

     --Who does more homework, boys or girls? 

  • Make charts and graphs with some of the data you collect. Write your osservations.
  • Draw a picture of the places where you learn. It can be your school, a room in your school, an outdoor place or any other place where we can learn. 
  •  Plan how you are going to maintain life-long learning. Write an essay for  the others in the project on how you plan to keep yourself educated throughout life. What learning methods are you going to use? Will the media (Newspapers, TV, radio, Internet, etc.) help you to continue learning? 
  • Tell the others about media that you think would be helpful. If they are on the Internet make sure you send a link to it for the others to see.  
  • Write the answers to the question "The places where I learn". Save this answers on your pages where you will add the answers to the next questions of this project.