Where-Question 1. Can you find me?

enlightenedEach  "Discussion Questions" and "Activities" are optional. Decide with your students what questions to answer, what activities to work on and which final products you will share here.

1. Question: Can You Find Me?

                                Our places have unique things to share and by learning how others are doing things we enrich each other. Everyone and every place is important in our global community. As we grow in understanding and appreciation of our differences and unique gifts we can begin to celebrate our diversity.

Discussion Questions

  • Introduce your class or group to those who are participating in our programmo. Include your school or group name, number of students, your town, village or city and country. Find your latitude and longitude andGMT factor as well. There are resources to help you on our Resources page
  • When did people first move to your part of the world? Do you know who it was, why they came and how they founded your area?

    • When did people first move to your part of the world? Do you know who it was, why they came and how they founded your area?
    • Do you think that homes are built the same all over the world? If not, how might they differ?

      What kinds of building materials are found in homes in your area? 

    • What is your favorite room in your home? Describe it for us.

    • Does the amount of sunlight during the day affect our recreational activities? How does it affect you?

    • How do people change their environment to accommodate their needs?

    • Are there famous natural landmarks in your area? Describe them

    • Are there historical places of interest near the place where you live?Describe them and tell why they are important to the history of your area.

    • Are there famous heroes from your area? Tell us who they are and why they are admired. Who is your hero? What does it mean to be a hero?

    • In your town is there a recreational or resort place of interest?

    • What are the sights, sounds and smells of your neighborhood?

    • What do you like best about your area? 

    • Do you have museums or other exhibits for all to enjoy such as an aquarium? What kinds of museums do you have?

    Activities (suggestion)


  1. Work with your teacher and divide your class into groups to find the latitude and longitude for your location. Some of you will use atlases and maps while others will use electronic media to do this. Compare your results. Are they close? Place a marker on the map to identify the places where your online friends live.

  2. Keep a record for  two weeks of the daily low and high temperatures as well as the sunrise and sunset. Compare results with other goups in our project.

  3. As a group or individually write a descriptive essay about a special place in your area that has meaning for you. In your essay, be sure to tell why this place is important to you. When you write, list specific details using adjectives, nouns and verbs to describe the sights, sounds, and smells of the location.  Take a picture of this place or draw by yourself

  4. Write an essay about a place where you have traveled, or about a place where people most often go. Why do you think they go there? Where is your favorite place to visit? Think about the unique qualities of this place and write about them in your essay.

  5.  Make a Presentation/video/website with basic info about your school, town or country

  6. Maps give us opportunities to show information about something. You could make a map of your town, school or even your room! For this project you could make a map of your area.

  7. Create a timeline with your online friends and identify important events that happened in your countries. Select at least 4 important things that happened and put it on the line. Select one as old as you can possibly find, one or two important and one or two close in time.

  8. Go to your Kidlink space and look at some of the personal spaces that other kids created. Compare them with some of your own special places.

  • Write the answer to the questions "Can you find me?"Save these answers on your kidspace page where you will add the answers to the next three topics. See Sandra answers from Slovenia as sample (2002-03)


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