2. What do I want to be when I'm older?

Who-Am-I? Questions&Activities

Question n.2

Each  "Discussion Questions" and "Activities" are optional. Decide with your students what questions to answer, what activities to work onand which final products you will share here. 

2. What Do I Want To Be When I'm Older? 
Explore your natural talents and learn what you do well, analyze what activities give you satisfaction and pleasure, and identify the kind of future lifestyle you want.
Only you can decide what dream is right for you, even though it might need hard work to make it come true!

Discussion Questions
  • What is your favorite subject at school, (besides recreation time!)? Are you good in math, science, languages, and sports? Can you think of careers that need a lot of math? Science? What career would you recommend to someone who is very good in languages and literature?
  • What about sports? You have to be awfully good in a sport to become a professional player. Hard work and practice are also necessary to succeed. Can this be applied to any other career? Does this apply to an astronaut? To a doctor?    
  • Children try to imitate their parents. If their parents read a lot, there's a strong probability that the children read a lot too. What is the favorite occupation in your family? Is there more than one person in that career? Do you know of another family that has more than one member working in the same field? Do you think parents can influence a child in pursuing a given career? How? Do you think a parent can influence a child in not pursuing a given career?
  • Sometimes we hear comments of people saying "a girl cannot be this" or "a boy cannot be that". Your gender should not dictate what you can do. Girls or boys can be teachers, fly airplanes, build bridges, make delicious cakes, clean houses and make a good work of raising their kids.
  • Some of us are good team workers; some of us work better alone. The team workers are 'members of the pack'; they work in cooperation with the others until the task is completed. They are the facilitators. At the other extreme is the 'lone wolf'. This person prefers to do the job alone. Are you a 'lone wolf' or a 'member of the pack'.?

    Activity (Suggestions)
  • Let's find out your class career preferences! Write on a piece of paper 3 careers that are attractive to you. Tabulate the results to see the most popular careers in your class. This will be called TABLE A. What is the favorite career among your classmates? If everybody in your area wants just these professions - what professions would not get any employees? Are there some kids in your class that would have problems in finding a job because these jobs are so popular? Ask your online classmates about the career preferences in their classroom. Share with them your results.                     AmandaCac- Puertorico: I wanto to be an artist
  • Invite persons with different occupations to visit your school and talk about their work. Send invitations to the other classes participating with you in this module. Every class will prepare a list with questions they will like to ask that person. Do some research on what the person does.
  • Make a list of famous people. Read about their lives and achievements. Explain how do you think your chosen famous people accomplished their fame. Make drawings to illustrate your work and share with other classes participating online.
  • Answer the question "What I want  to be  when I'm older?". Add to your saved answers to the questions from the last  lesson. Add your drawings for better illustrate your ideas See Milen answer. Students'Pages

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