4. What can I do to make the world a better place?

Who-Am-I? Questions&Activities
4° Question

Each "Discussion Questions" and "Activities" are optional. Decide with yourstudents what questions to answer, what activities to work on and which final products you will share here.

4.What can I do to make the world a better place?

Discussion Questions:
  • You have made new friends among the students in your global classroom. What do you have to do now to keep in touch with them? What do you have to do to nurture that friendship and make it grow?
  • You know now how your online friends want their communities to be better. What advice can you give to your friends?
  • Our well being can be protected and destroyed by humans. Who is responsible for protecting our future?
  • What is your family doing to protect the well being of your community? What is your school doing? What is your country doing? What are you doing? What else can be done? 
  • Do you have any endangered animals in your country? Who is responsible for protecting them? What are you doing to protect them?
Activities (Suggestions)
  • What do you have to do now to make the world better? Take in consideration your community, your country and the whole world community and their problems.
  •  Write an essay expressing your ideas and your feelings toward having a better future for all.  Post your essay in your page in Kidspace-
  • Write a poem about friends and friendship. Post your poem in the Kidspace to share with your online classmates. Post comments in their pages
  • Make an acronym with the word LOVE. Post a copy of your acronym in the Kidspace. Print the letters and create a poster with the acronyms from all the students in your global class.
  • Find what are the endangered animals in your region, make a kidspace page with the names and pictures of the animals. Explain why those animals are endangered. Invite the other students participating in the program module to visit your page.
  • Think of ways in which the education you get and the way you treat others could help you make the world a
    by MiloniR. yrs 11 Girl India 2002
    better place to live. Post your ideas in the Kidspace room. Ask the other students participating in the program module to share similar lists with you. Create a booklet of ideas using the information from all the lists.
  •  Answer the question "What can I to now to make the world a better place?". Add your answer to the answers you saved from the past lessons.Add your drawings and everything you did to better illustrate your work in this project. Don't forgett to post comments in your virtual classmates' pages!!  Students'Pages


Students Work

-How to create and edit   pages
-How to manage  students'page
-How to add comments


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