3. How would I want the world a better place?

Who-Am-I? Questions&Activities

Question n.3

Each  "Discussion Questions" and "Activities" are optional. Decide with your students what questions to answer, what activities to work on and which final products you will share here.


3. How Would I Want The World  To Be Better When I'm Older?

What is your vision of a better world? What is your dream?

Discussion Questions:

  • The main occupation in a city or a country depends on the industries and materials abundant there. That is why working in the manufacturing industry is very common in some parts, while in other parts agriculture is the main source of income. What is the most important income source in your community? In your village? In your country? How does this kind of work influence the health of the population? Is this kind of work damaging the environment?
  • What is an industrialized country? Does being an industrialized country necessarily mean being prosperous? What are the dangers of industry towards the environment?
  • Sometimes grownups are so busy with their lives that they cannot enjoy what life has to offer them. Life's most precious joys are completely free. Can you name a few? How do you and your family enjoy life?

  • "Our neighbors are our closest family." This saying implies that we have to have a good relationship with our neighbors. We can help each other if an emergency occurs. What else can you add to the advantage of being "good neighbors"? Countries have neighbors too. How can countries be "good neighbors"?
  • People come in different colors and shapes. Imagine the world filled with millions of people all looking exactly alike! If we all looked the same, how could we recognize each other? Our differences are what make us special. Even twins have some differences between them. On the inside people are different too. How do you describe yourself? What characteristics do you like in you? In your best friend?
  • Our opinions can be strong and varied. Even inside the same family there are different opinions. How do you solve a problem when you have different opinions inside your family?

    Activities  (Suggestions)
  • That is the main concern of the children in your class? War, drugs, violence, environment, prejudice, other?

  • Imagine you can change anything you want, what would you change? Write an essay explaining the things that make you worry about your family, your school and your country today and how would you like these things to be in the future. Post your essay in Kidspace to share your ideas with the rest of the students participating in this program module.
  • Prepare a list of famous persons that have acomplished something (good or bad) that somehow has lead the world to be as it is now. Choose one famous. Make a poster of this person explaining: What did this person accomplish that makes him or her famous? Why do you think others remember this person? Add pictures, anecdotes and quotes from this person.
  • Construct a web page with photos of places in your country that you want to protect. Plan a "picture taking" outing to some of these places with your friends. Invite other children participating in the program to look at your web page.
  • Create a drawing that expresses your vision of a better future. Post this picture in your page in Kidspace and share it with your friends online.
  • Answer the question "How do I want the world to be better when I'm older?". Add to your saved answers to the questions from the last two lessons.Add your drawings for better illustrate your ideas.See Zhenya or Igor answers 2007/08. Students'Pages

NEXT QUESTION:  What can I do to make the world a better place?


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