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The Kidlink Association

Articles of Association SvenskaSvenska Changes to be approved at the annual 2009 SvenskaSvenska
Articles of Association SvenskaSvenska
Constituent Meeting Minutes Svenska

The Board

Stellan Kinberg (Sweden), Pia Avolio de Martino (Italy), Bonnie Thurber (USA), Wheeler Dan (USA), Jing Zheng (Beijing, China), Domenico Filippini (Italy). "The Kidlink Project" youth representativ: Nicolo A (Italy)

Annual Report 2009 Click to read
Financial Statement 2009 Click to read

Annual Meeting 2009

The Annual meeting 2009 for the Kidlink Association starts in our Kidplan list on 1 February. The annual meeting is open for all Kidlink Association members. The meeting will mainly be on Kidcom, room "Annual 2009". Issues that require thinking time will be talked about in

Annual Meeting 2009 agenda

1. Call to order (Kidplan 1 February)
2. Registration of members participating in the meeting (Kidplan 2 February)
3. Election of meeting chairman and secretary (Kidplan 2 February)
4. Election of meeting minutes verifier and a responsible for counting the votes (Kidplan 4 February)
5. Meeting notice approval (Kidcom 8 February 13 GMT)
6. Meeting agenda (Kidcom 8 February 13 GMT)
7. Annual report and financial statement (Kidcom 8 February 13 GMT)
8. Accountants report about annual report and financial statement (Kidcom 8 February 13 GMT)
9. Grant discharge to the Board (Kidcom 8 February 13 GMT)
10. Member dues (Kidplan 9 February)
11. AofA Changes (Kidplan 11 February)
12. Member motions (Must be presented in before 18 January 2009)
13. Election of new Board members (Kidcom 22 February 13 GMT)
14. Election of two accountants for one year term.  (Kidcom 22 February 13 GMT)
15. Election of a new election committee for one year term  (Kidcom 22 February 13 GMT)
16. Closing of the Annual Meeting.  (Kidcom 22 February 13 GMT)

Aofa change proposals

The Articles of Association are available at

Art 1.   The name of the association is changed from "The Kidlink Association" to "Kidlink Association"
Art 9.    The members must send Annual Meeting motions to the Board at least two weeks before the Annual meeting starts.
Art 11. The Members elect the Chairman for one year term. (The Board then decide who is treasurer and secretary.)
Art 15. We should have a permanent System Committee that takes care of the Kidlink Web.

Board members to be elected

Bonnie Thurber, Pia Avolio de Martino, Domenico Filippini, Nicolò Ancelotti and Stellan Kinberg are all willing to be reelected.

New Board member needed

Dan Wheeler took over at the Constituent meeting as Grace Basilior never showed up at the meeting. We need a member that takes over Dan's position.


- If you want to add motions to the agenda, you must present the motion to before 18/1 2009. This will give the members time to think about it and come up with a proposal.
- We need one or two members not belonging to the Board to check the accounting and financial statement and write a short report that possibly will acknowledge that the accountings have been done correctly.
- You are all invited as listeners to the next Board meeting on Kidcom 18/1 2009 14.00 GMT


The Kidlink Society - AofA Svenska
The Stiftelsen Kidlink - Bylaws SvenskaSvenska
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The Kidlink Hall Of Fame
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