Who Am I?

Who Am I ? Project

Meet and Greet our Friends in our Global Classroom.

Four great questions to develop in your students a deep knowledge of themselves and their goals. Read all questions completely to carry on the activities of the project (Read more). Then go to: How to join page. 

Short summary

1) Who Am I? 

2) What do I want to be when I’m older?

The students will start to know more about themselves and who they are. They will learn more about their own history by studying the significance and traditions behind their names. They will introduce themselves to the other students and will share stories about the meaning of names. They will interview their parents to know interesting stories about their names and share them with each other. They will find out about each other's favorite music and dances. Read more

The perfect career for you depends on your personality, interests and what you want. What do you need to do to help achieve your goals? You are never too young to start thinking about your future, even though you may change your opinion sometimes during your childhood and adulthood. You will find out about the different options there are for your future in your country. You learn about careers and opportunities and what characteristics a person should have to perform certain jobs. You will tell each other about your favorite occupations. Read more

3) How would I want the world to be better when I’m older?

4) What do I have to do to make the world a better place?

In ten or fifteen years this world will have to go through many changes, good and bad. There are two basic types of changes: natural and those caused by men. Natural changes are caused by natural events like earthquakes, hurricanes and storms. Men can make things change for better or for worst. What is your vision of a better world? What is your dream? Look around to see what you like and dislike about the situation of your environment and community. You will share with each other your ideas and worries of war and peace. Read more

Now you will share the necessity of a "global wellness". You will enlist the help of each other to produce ideas for a compromise. In this lesson you have to form your ideas on a serious compromise. You have to find ways to help make a better world starting now. Read more

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