WAI Objectives


Goals for participants are:

  1. To know themselves and others better.
  2. To collaborate and learn from other kids on line.
  3. To gather data from various sources and convert it into meaningful information, analyze it and communicate new insights.
  4. To understand better their own culture and the culture of other countries.
  5. To develop critical thinking.
  6. To use the computer and its tools to learn about our cultural diversities and similarities.
  7. To learn to solve problems by working in teams.


Students will be able to:

  1. Use web pages as a method of sharing their ideas with other kids.
  2. Use music and dancing to express their feelings.
  3. Search for and gather information
  4. Develop their creativity and imagination by expressing their feelings through drawings.
  5. Work in teams with their classmates and students online.
  6. Express their ideas through written text.