How to join to one or more of these Projects


Each of these five  projects with their several activities and suggestions help students build a positive self-image, allows for cooperative learning (online and locally) and development of peer relationships. You can focus on the different facets and choose the more appropriate project for  your student curriculum and needs. When students have a purpose (to get friends) and an audience, they want to read, write, and use numbers. These projects give otherwise "boring" classroom tasks meaning for students. It tends to increase cooperation, make classroom relationships more positive, which may lead to decreased violence, and make students more focused.

General aims of these projects:

  • Guide children to knowledge about themselves, their placerights, friends,families, and roots and brings them in contact with youth around the world.
  • Help students set and begin the process of reaching their goals
  • Support children in the act of growing up and living, without imposing adult views, religious or political points of view on them.
  • Help children get friends, build social networks, and cooperate with peers around the world.

The program is also a means to networking and cooperation with other teachers through out the world. Experiences and answers to help requests can efficiently be dealt withby peers working on the same items in their classrooms. For many,personal links and friendships with teachers having similar background and interests continue to be useful long after the conclusion of the program.

If you have interest in one or more of these projects, send the following information to the project moderators: 

Pia Avolio de Martino or Contact us.

  • Name of the project
  • Teacher's email
  • School city/Country
  • Number and age of students

1.) Who Am I ?   

2.) Where do I Live?

3.) My Family and Friends

4.) What are my Rights?

5.) What are my Roots?

Or fill out the Application form  



This project is for any age group. It is also suitable for EFL students at the basic level

Teachers have to register in Kidlink. This will allow them to receive login and password to post comments and artworks and to chat with their partners. If teachers wants that students add comments or create pages by theirselves , they have to register also the students.

Look at the Questions&Activities pages of the selected project in order to choose which of them you want to do with your students

WAI / WhereRights / Where  Don't forget to read Objectives and Resources pages. You can find useful links here!

Teachers: go to Getting Started of your selected project  to read a short check list. WAI / Where / Rights / Where
From here teachers can open their schools page in order to introduce their groups/ schools and  to promote a better knowledge among the students.

From their School Introduction page, students, if registered  will open their sub pages to display their activities and share comments.

Project Coordinator: Pia Avolio de Martino