Life-skills and Curriculum

The Project provides an excellent  practice for developing the skills and competencies students need to succeed. While working with topics related to social studies, history, literacy,  students are also developing the  competencies needed to use academic content. 

One exciting outcome of participating is that both students and teachers  often develop enduring relatinships for future classroom-to-classroom interactions with new friends from around the world.


  • Self and Global awareness;
  • Organization 
  • Cooperation and Teamwork
  • Global awareness
  • Creativity
  • Emphaty
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Learning some habits and customs of other people

Language: (English)

  • Practicing grammar and syntax in a real situation
  • Improve reading and writing
  • Increasing vocabulary
  • Developing strategies for overcoming language barriers
  • Engaging in languages other than the native tongue


  • Drawing your own dove shape sheet of paper
  • Communicate with other kids by means of the artworks


  • Using a scanner to import their drawing in the computer
  • Accessing and utilizing online tools
  •  Locating a web site
  •  Making a personal KidPage