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An exciting project created years ago by AllanG -Teacher in Australia, for all children who love to write and share their writing.

Basically it is the sharing of creative writing. All children love to do this.It is one of the most successful collaborative activities that childen undertake at school. The results can be surprising. Add to this an ICT component and it becomes a most worthwhile activity.!

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How It Works

*Students, individually or in small groups,  write the first part of a story. (min. 15 lines) The stories are then placed on their webpage in Kidlink.
*Participants are invited to read an unfinished story and select one or more to finish.
*Students have a month to finish the selected story.

*Illustrations can be included. (strongly suggested).
*The finished story is e-mailed back to the project's coordinator.
*Copies of finished stories will be added to the page with the beginning of the story and includes the names of each author.
*Will be published all finals that a story has received

*Teachers may communicate by FB group for this project 

How to participate:       Deadline: 25 February

1. Register to  Kidlink  (free of charge) to get username and password to work in Kidspac


1bis. If you want your students get their accounts in order to create and publish their page by themselves, you must register them too.  For instructions on how to to this click here


2. Introduce your school/group by creating a School Introduction Page under SchoolPages 2017

3.Under your school Introduction page, create one or more page where to post the first page of your students'story/es

Coordinator: Pia Avolio de Martino