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Landmark Primary Clues 2007

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Answers for 2007 !! --- TOP Scores

 19  Grassland Elementary, Brentwood, TN 
 18  Hamilton Central, Hamilton, NY
 17  Allen Creek School, Rochester, NY

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 1) [ 17 correct] Allen Creek School- Rochester, New York -

Dracula's Castle or Bran Castle 

1. The coat of arms associated with this landmark contains a dragon.

2. This landmark was built in 1212.

3. There is a movie based on this landmark.

4. The flag of our landmark's country contains 3 colors.
5. This landmark has a "bloody" history.
6. Located approximately 25 degrees East longitude.

 7. This landmark has a name and a nickname.

8. This landmark is located in the eastern hemisphere.

9. Queen Marie lived here.



2) [ 1 correct ] Alexander Doniphan Elementary - Liberty, MO-

 Tomb of the Unknowns

1. I am in the northwestern hemisphere .

2. I am located between 45 and 30 degrees North Latitude;and 85 and 65 degrees West Longitude. Check your watches, I am in the eastern time zone

3. I was finally finished 48 years after time zones werecreated; then publicly viewed for the first time on April 9 the very nextyear. 

 4. Almost four million people visit me every year; includinga scheduled special visit by the president.

5. The figures on the east of me symbolize: Valor, Victory,and Peace

6. Inscribed on the west side of me are the words: Here Rests in Honored Glory an American Soldier Known But toGod

 7. I am so special and important that since July 2nd, 1937soldiers guard me in a meticulous ritual 24 hours a day, no matter what theweather is.

8. R.I.P.

9. In 1998, someone special was taken out of me and wasreturned to his family.



3) [ No Answers sent in ] Beaconhouse School - Karachi, Pakistan -

 K2, mountain peak

1) It is located at 52 degrees 13'30 North, 117 degrees17'30 West.

2) It is one of the highest locaions of the world.

3) It was first discoverd in 1850's.

 4) It was first accent in 1954.

5) British Colonel was first discovered and named it.

6) It is at the height of 8000+ metres above sea level.

 7) It is located in the Northern hemisphere.

8) The first expedition of this landmark was done in 1902.

9) It is situated in South East Asia.


4)  [14 correct] Discovery Center SmartSchool - Karachi, Pakistan-

 Taxila Archeological City

1) The coordinates of this landmark are 33.75 degrees Northlatitude, 72.81degrees East Longitude.

2) This place is at least 5000 years old.

3) This landmark is located in the northern hemisphere ofthe Equator.

 4) Alexander the great came here in 326 BC with his army.

5) This landmark was once connected with the famous silkroute.

6) It was a great center of learning for the people of thesubcontinent.

 7) The Hindko language and the study of the Vedas weredeveloped here.

8) Persians, Greeks and the Mayan Dynasty ruled here.

9) This landmark was also called the "City of Stones".


5) [ 15 correct] Eugene Field Elem. (Team Huseman) Hannibal,MO-

 Busch Stadium

1.  A river runs nearit.

2.  Where Chinatown used to be.

3.  Not in theSouthern Hemisphere.

4.  The Beatlespreformed here on a rainy night.

5.  Between 30 and 45degrees North Latitude.

6.  96 of these wereonce its most distinctive feature.

 7.  In 1994, no joycould be found here for eight months.

8.  Famous in the1980's  for its "white rat".

9.  "Go crazy,folks! Go crazy!" Famous words you once heard from this place.


6) [15 correct]  Eugene Field Elem. (Team Smith) Hannibal, MO-

 Largest Frying Pan in Iowa

1. Cowboy meal

2. 92 degrees west longitude

3. Copied from Mom's

 4. A recycler plan

5. only 1 mile from the interstate

6. initials ILFP

 7. finished in 2004

8. round and black

9. In the same hemisphere as Texas


7) [19 correct] Grassland Elem. - Brentwood, TN - christyg1@WCS.EDU

 Roseman Bridge of Madison County, Iowa

1. By tradition, my name is the name of a neighbor

2. A shelter was placed over me for preservation.

3. My latitude is about N40

 4. Visitors have defaced me with their mark.

5. I am located in the Northern Hemisphere

6. Only 6 originals remain.

 7. I am red

8. I have two other nicknames

9. I had an extreme makeover in the early 1990’s


 8) [15 correct] Gymnasyum 45 A - Khabarovskey, Russia -

 Statue of Liberty

1. Our landmark is the greatest TV tower in the world .

2. It was built in 1886.

3. Our landmark was a gift from the people of France.

 4. Ships can be seen our landmark 40 miles at sea.

5. There are many shops on main floor in our landmark.

6. It is situated on the island.

 7. It is situated in the biggest country in the world.

8. It is universal symbol of democracy.

9. It is situated on 73 degree east longitude. 


9) [ 16 correct ] Gymnazium Humpolec - Team Prima - Czech Republic-

 Eiffel Tower

1. Search on the norhern hemisphere.

2. I could wear the best world's trademark.

3. I'm manmade.

 4. You can call me an "iron lady."

5. Look for the 45th paralel.

6. I can see far away.

 7. G.E.

8. I'm 118 years old.

9. I love parfums and good wine.  


10) [18 correct] Hamilton Central 3rd grade - Hamilton,

 Bran Castle

1. We are a perfect "10".

2. Our landmark was built over 800 years ago by somewandering knights, brick by brick.

3. Our landmark was home to a queen born in England.

 4. Our country's coat-of-arms can fly into the sky.

5. Our landmark was restored in the 1920's to a beautifulsummer residence, quite a change from it's legendary use.

6. Our flag has 3 colors, 2 of the colors are red and blue.

 7. The highest mountain in our country is a little over8,300 feet.

8. Our closest latitude is 45 degrees north.

9. Follow the brightest star in the night sky.


11) [15 correct] Liberty Oaks Elem. Kansas City, MO -

 Downtown Athletic Club, New York City

1. I was designed to be 35 multipurpose layers but what I amknown for is honoring the best each year.

2. Some important dates are 1926 and 2002.

3. My representatives can be found all over the country butall are in the Northern Hemisphere.

 4. My horizontal measurement is in the low 40's.

5. Sadly, I was ruined because of the plans from the other side of the world.

6. A man from Lawrenceenvisioned me but businessmen and lawyers made my creation possible.

 7. Frank Eliscu created the icon that I am best known for.

8. My style is linked to the Jazz Age but Flappers couldn'tbelong until 1977.

9. I was designated a landmark in 2000.


12)  [16 correct] Naches Valley Middle/Intermediate - Naches, WA

 Easter Island

1) Many believe we are symbols of one’s known relatives.

2) I have three extinct volcanoes.

3) I am in the Southern Hemisphere, latitude approximately30 degrees. 

 4) I became lonely because over 250 of me were moved.

5) I am isolated, but not lonely.

6) One of mine is in the new movie, "Night at hemuseum."

 7) The Spanish once called me "St. Carl."

8) An English captain saw me in the 1770’s and I"saw" him.

9) The Dutch named me for the day I was found.


13) [ 11 correct] Narragansett Pier School -- Narragansett, RI --

 Old North Church in Boston

1. Our landmark is located in the northern hemisphere.

2. The highest part fell off in a hurricane.

3.  It played a majorrole in the American Revolution.

 4.  An important manescaped from the British through the back window in the late 1700s.

5.  You will find itat approximately 40 degrees N latitude.

6.  A poet made thislandmark very famous in American history.

 7.  General Gage owneda box pew here.

8.  The famousMidnight Rider was a bell-ringer here as a 15 year old boy.

9.  Lanterns whichignited the American Revolution were hung here.


14) [10 correct] Narragansett Elem. -- Narragansett,  

 Mammoth Caves in Kentucky

1. Our landmark has been around for about 4,000 years.

2. At our landmark people can go hiking, backpacking,fishing, canoeing, boating, biking, horseback riding, and bird watching.

3. Our landmark receives 1.7 million visitors per year.

 4. Our landmark is made of limestone rock.

5. Our landmark has over 140 different life forms foundthere.

6. People have toured our Landmark since 1816.

 7. Our landmark covers almost 379 miles.

8. Our Landmark is about 53,000 acres.

9. Our landmark’s longitude is 86 degrees 6 minutes 0seconds West.



15) [no answers sent in]  School 664 Vostochny - Moscow, Russia-

 The Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary

1. I am in the same hemisphere as the US.

2. I am a man-made structure.

3. It took a decade to build me.

 4. I was started in 1839.

5. People of three ethnicities were my "fathers":one initiated me, the second one designed me, the third one built me, but donot mix the second and the third!

6. The length of roads in my country is measured from thepoint next to me.

 7. My latitude is the same as Seattle's.

8. I was the first one to connect two towns that latermerged into a city.

9. The beasts that guard me couldn't talk, they are said tohave no tongues. 


16) [9 correct] Rashish J.H School -- Petach Tikva, Israel--

 Iguacu Falls in Brazil

1. There are 2 national parks named on this site.

2. There are 270 of them.

3. It is located near a famous river.

 4. A European first found it.

5. The coordinates are between 5 degrees 61 min S, 44degrees 58 min W.

6. Tortoise's 1998 album TNT contains a track named aboutthis place.

 7. Look for a place located on a border of two countries.

8. The 007 film "Moonraker" (1979) filmed there.

9. Watch out from falling! This place is 269 feet height.


17)  [10 correct] Patrick Therriault School(Lightning), Sinclair,ME -

Waitomo Glowworm Caves
1. A toy is named for the creatures found here.

2. It was explored in 1887.

3. It was formed over 30 million years ago.

 4. It is in the same hemisphere as South Africa.

5. The lower level (of 2) is called the Cathedral.

6. It's run by descendants of the original owner.

 7. In 1906, the government took control of this landmark.

8. It was first explored by a chief and an explorer.

9. It has the same latitude as Bahia Blanca and Mar Del Plata.




18)  [12 correct] Waialae Elem -- Honolulu, HI--

Machu Picchu 

1. I am south of the equator.

2. I live on a mountain.

3. I was built with great skill.

 4. I am located at 15 degrees S Latitude.

5. If you visit me, you need to be in good physical shape toclimb all my stairs.

6. You can find llamas roaming around me.

 7. I was not discovered until 1911.

8. My people were conquered by the Spaniards.

9. My name means "Manly Peak."



19) [15 correct] Waimea Canyon School- Waimea, HI-

Diamond Head State Monument 

1.  People go throughme as a meerkat would go through its home.

2.  I have no body,but people walk all over me.

3.  More than half amillion people visit me every year.

 4.  I am in the samehemisphere as Nicaragua.

5.  I am about 300,000years old.

6.  I had a differentname in the 1800's.

 7.  I am located at 21degrees North Latitude.

8.  I became anational landmark in the same year that the Green Bay Packers won the SuperBowl.

9.  Part of my name isa birthstone.


20) [ 8 correct] Washington School - Fargo, North Dakota -

 Taj Mahal

1. Our landmark is in the Northern Hemisphere.

2. It cost $724,719.74 when it was built.

3. It took 20,000 people to build it.


4. It is a symbol of love.

5. At different times of the day it reflects the moods of awoman, 

It's pink by morning light, white at noon and sparklesgolden at night.

6. They started building it in 1631.


7. It is considered a wonder of the world.

8. It was built to celebrate Arjumand Banu.

9. It is located at 78 degrees East Longitude







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