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The "Kidlink Project" is run by the Kidlink Association. Kidlink Association promotes a global dialogue among the youth of the world. The Association emphasizes electronic telecommunications, but also supports communications in other forms and media.  The Association works to achieve its objectives through several educational, school and classroom projects. The projects are created and developed through an international collaboration of volunteers and are offered to schools, organizations and youth around the world for free. Read more...

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  • Management - the teachers and managers room
    Teachers find information about projects here.
  • Kidspace - the space for our students.
    Our students create their pages in Kidspace.
  • Newspaper - the space for our student journalists
    Our students write articles in Newspaper.
  • Art Gallery - the space for our youth artists
    Our students show their art in Gallery.
  • History - the history of Kidlink
    Here you find all about Kidlink from 1990 to 2008.

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