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What are My Roots?

See the nice family trees from Russia students!

 It's a short and easy project, open all over the year, a place to post your name and develop one's creativity by doing a visual composition that tells us something about oneself.

Halloween on October 31
Are you ready for the witches and pumpkins’ night? Not yet?

Here's a fully free of charge Kidlink Project for the kids the world over:
that's Halloween Ecards.
Ecco un Progetto Kidlink completamente gratuito per i ragazzi di tutto il mondo:
Halloween - Cartoline elettroniche.

If you are interested in it, please click Halloween e-cards Kidlink Project


Students from  SMP MASEHI Pekalongan Indonesia  are working on their Doves

Look at the nice Doves messages from Sayanogorsk, Russia, Siberia.

From  D/D 2015 - I Describe my self, You will Draw me

This Alba, 12yrs, from Spain, drawn by VictoriaG from Russia.

  Hello, my name is Alba and I will explain how my face is: 
My face is round, my eyes are blue, slightly elongated and large, I wear white glasses with black accents on the legs and rectangular shape, my hair is long, blonde with pink tips (pink fuksia) without bangs and wavy, my nose is very small and plump, my mouth is average and pinky, my ears are normal and carry gold earrings in the shape of a bear, my forehead is small. 

This is how Nathan,10 yrs,  from Illinois, has drawn Lydia (Alabama) following her accurate description

I am Lydia. I am a girl. I am 6 years old. I live in the USA.  I have an oval face. I have dark skin. I have a sweet and happy face. I have small red lips. My nose is long and pointy. my eyes are brown. My eyebrows are long and thin. my eyelashes are short. My ears are little. my hair is long and black. I have a lot of little braids in my hair.

From  Landmark Game 2014 

From Diamond Poema 2013

by AidenH. boy 11yrs Cathedral of St. Raymond school USA

Loud Noisy
Waddling Swimming Sliding
Feet Beak Feathers Tail
Whistling Flying Building
Brown Red

El hoquei
divertido y fuerte
se juega mucho en Cataluna
equipo cabeza
The hoquei
funny and strong
much at stake in Catalonia
head team

I made the poem because I play hockey in
Mollet HC for 10 years and i love for men working in a team is very much pineapple.

by Juliot.Boy Spain


 Multicultural Calendar runs year round. Contribute your cultural customs and celebrations!

Join the Facebook  MCC collaboration group, Click Below


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