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Beginning April 28th #pblchat #thekidlinkproject #edchat

ât Kidlink (@KidlinkProject) April 6, 2014
Easter e-cards Project
Are you looking for an interesting way to make your own Easter greetings this year? Maybe Kidlink can help you . Please click Easter e-cards. It's a fully free of charge Kidlink Project. 

The Kidlink Newspaper

project runs year round.

The Diamond Poema 2013

The Diamond project is one of Kidlinks classroom projects created by Beverlyn Ferris in New York. The main page is available at and at

We have  Italian, Spanish and USA schools who run this project. Are you interested too?

Example of two diamond poems in English and Spanish:

A noun
 Two adjectives
 A complete sentence
 Two nouns
 A verb

Tieneun buen ar
Ãrboles Cuidar.



 Kidlink Project D/D


Chess piece images
are made by Irina (9) from Ukraine, and Nevena (11) from Yugoslavia

Kidlink Global Chess

Volunteers tried to start a Chess project in Kidlink back in 2004. We are now trying to start this project again. Why? We think that Chess is not only a great tool for mental training. It is also a great collaborative game that trains the students to cooperate and have a constructive dialog. Documenting your classroom chess games here allows your student to have a dialog about it, here in Kidspace, writing among others, comments. The teachers can document together the game as all registered users in Kidlink can edit the pages in Kidspace. Read more...

Moon Over Us: 

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