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Art by Darya Kulikova 12 yrs. old, Russia

Project Description:

This exciting project is created to help schools of the world get closer and learn more about each other via Video Messaging. It provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with peers around the world to get acquainted with schools traditions, their students’ interests, hobbies, preferences, ask any questions to get knowledge about towns, cities and countries they live in. It is also an opportunity for us to become community ambassadors and spread Global Friendship by working collaboratively.

Registration Deadline: Feb.15/2020

Feb.20: Depending on the number of participant schools, the Coordinator  informs you about your partners. 
NOTE: You can read questions asked by any school in the project and reply them, BUT first of all you need to reply  the schools matched to you!

 Please, first of all read the Kidlink Project Rules. 

How to Participate:
PHASE 1  (Feb.20 - Mar.11 )

Step #1  After having registered to Kidlink (free of charge)  get a username and a password.
Step #2  Introduce your school/group by creating a School Introduction Page starting from Schools in the Project - 2020 page.
Step #3 Say Hello in FB project group.
Step #4  Discuss the questions you would like to ask on the 
current topic (no more than 10).The topic is renewed each year.

Step #5 Students ask the questions through creating a video message . 
Step #6 Teachers publish it giving a link or posting it in the school page (FB group). (Check Resources page for more info)

PHASE 2 (Mar.13 - Mar.25)

Step #1 Students discuss their answers .

(When making questions and answering, please use compound sentences to be more expressive, not just direct question or answer . More than one student can take part in answering the question). 

Step # 2/3 : like Step # 5/6 of Phase 1

Step #2 Students answer the questions through creating a video message to each partner in the team or one video with answers to all partners in the team. 
Step #3 Teachers publish them giving  links or posting them in the school page (FB group). (Check Resources page for more info)

The schools are reciprocally dependent on one another.
You need to meet the deadline answering  the questions of your partners.
 Don't forget to join  the SAW FB Group to be updated and please keep in touch.

Spring 2020 Topic:

# Protecting Environment in Your Community


 Art by Tatyana Egovkina and Elena Bushina. 12 yrs.old, Russia

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