KidArt Team and Jury


Meet KidArt Team and our  Jury members!

Anne-Tove Vestfossen
Conceptual Artist educated in traditional graphic techniques, drawings etc. design and communication: Has also worked as art agent, coordinator and educator within and outside Norway. Kidart Manager from 2001 t0 2008

Pia Avolio de Martino
Maths and science teacher, ITC coordinatorfor her school. Board member and Projects Coordinator in Kidlink.

Jayshree MisraI'm a trained professional in Visual Communication. Presently based in Bangalore, India. My children are growing up fast, 17 and 13 years now!. I like to encourage all children to draw and sketch, and participate in their artistic ventures.
Illustrations, sketching and photography are my interests; along with designing layouts for communication material. I would love to do some children's book illustrations in the future.

Diana Alexandra Ardelean
I participated with my drawings about Olly, his family and his friends in the “Kid Team” project. I think KidArt is a good idea because, in my case, it developed my drawing on computer and in tempera.

Marina Aizen
I am an Argentinian artist, creative, hilarious and funny.I enjoy reading, making
new friends, learning languages and of course: drawing a lot!!!
I am currently working as illustrator for children books and magazines.
Kidlink is special for me, because I can connect with wonderful and wise people from all over the world





Kid-Team Story

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