KidArt Competitions

 KIDART Competitions

March 2010

Draw your Maths
Album with all entries

June 2007

"Peace is when..."
Album with all entries

January 2007

"My Imaginary Friend"
Album with all entries

May 2005

"Kidlink's 15th Anniversary"
Album with all entries



KIDLINK's "Art Competition Rules"
Important things to remember:   


1. You have to be registered as a member of Kidlink.

2. All techniques are welcome.  

3. The work has to be your own original. 
4. Please don't put any writing in your picture. We want people to be able to understand and enjoy your pictures whatever language they speak.   (unless we say otherwise)

5. Your pictures, or cartoons must be able to be reduced to maximum width or height 600 pixels.
Format must be: .jpeg/.jpg or .gif 

6. With each picture, please include your nickname in Kidlink, say if you are a girl or a boy, add your age, title of picture, and say that it is for the competition..

7. Send as attachament to Pia

Winners will be displayed in this special KidArt Album
The winning works are often made into
that YOU and visitors to KIDLINK can e-mail to their friends.


About Copyright

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December 2014
Doves for Peace
Album with all entries

December 2007

"My Peace Machine"
Album with all entries

September 2006

"Making our World

with all entries

December 2005

"How do I see myself in my future Career?"
Album  with all entries

October 2004

"Pet Competition
with all entries

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