Annual Report - Plan 2010

KA Annual Meeting 2010

Annual Report - Plan 2010

AofA Art 5 says:

"The Board's Annual Report and Financial Statement must be sent to the members together with the notice to the Annual Meeting."

The Document, once approved by the Annual Meeting 2010 will be made public from

Kidlink Association Financial Plan 2010

Kidlink Association Financial Plan 2010 is send as a separate document. (Link)

Kidlink Association Membership and Sponsorship

  • Further efforts must be done to get more KA members and individual sponsors.

Kidlink Dialog and Documentation

  • Our dialog and documents must be accessible in any country. Eg, Chinese authorities have blocked Google docs and Facebook thus making it impossible for the Board to use these services in its work. We must therefore be flexible about how we communicate with each other. The international Kidlink Board must continuously adapt its dialog to the global reality.
  • We will if possible continue to keep our email dialog and documents in Google group. Our Skype meetings may eventually move to another service.
  • All adults who are registered in Kidlink, now about 1700, shall be subscribed to the "Kidlink" Google group.
  • It is important for Kidlink to get a new chat for Kidlink. Kidcom is not working as expected, partly because of its lack of visibility and partly because of lack of functionality. The Kidlink chat, whatever it will be, must be made accessible from anywhere on the site.
  • We must look for possibilities to organize an international Kidlink Conference.
  • The Board needs to meet at least once a year for a longer live conference.
  • We need an email account like to be used for due payment. The KA Board has paid for an email service on but has not yet solved the MX Record problems with this service. We will try to solve this during 2010.
  • We must improve the dialog with the Kidlink adults, in the "Kidlink"Google group and through node information, to help them and if possible get them more involved maybe as volunteers. We need volunteers to help out with this.

The Kidlink Site

  • The KA Board will continue to look for solutions for a Kidlink Web version4. Our goal is to find a Kidlink Web solution that enables us to have among others, our own Forum and chat.
  • Visibility on SearchEngines will be improved further, e.g. making it possible to have specific titles and descriptions for every web page.
  • The site is still unstable stopping about once a month. We need to figure out what is going on to stop this.
  • We must do our best to update invalid Kidlink links in Internet. is one of these not working URL to be found in Internet.

Privacy and Security

  • Every user must be able to set the visibility of his/her nodes and pages. We must give options of making page content readable only for the owner(eg kidpages), for Kidlink members or for the world. Administrators must be able to read all our site content.
  • As requested by the Swedish Computer Board Inspection, we must add this information in the Registration form (
    • Address to the responsible for the database (name, address, phone number,organisations nummer and email address to Stellan Kinberg)
    • Information about the personal data kept in our database and the purposes of keeping it there
    • Information about who is managing the information
    • Information on how to change the personal data
  • Kidlink must continuously update its services to keep a safe environment for the users.


  • We need to find new volunteers willing to help in the Registration Committee work.
  • We need to improve the help center to be a useful tool for theRegistration team. We need pages that give advices to teachers that are intrested in Kidlink not for its projects, but for eg the epal options we offer and to getting new ideas. See eg Teacher Center
  • The Registration process must be improved further to keep it simple while ensuring a safe environment for the user.
  • We are getting robot sent registrations.  We need to improve our protection from these.

Language areas

  • We must get more language area managers.
  • We will work to keep the language area pages dynamic to attract more readers.

Youth engagement

  • We must continue our work to get a Youth Committee. Youth engagement is key for a successful development of Kidlinks services. A Kidlink Youth representative in the Board must lead this Committee.
  • Our work engaging youth, taking care of Kid Centers must be continued.


  • We need to find new volunteers willing to help in the Project Committee work.
  • The project presentations must become better so it is easier to understand the purpose of the projects and how to do to start.
  • It should be good to link every project-home to the own forum and the chat for kids. This requires at first to fix a good communication tool.
  • Kidlink projects have to be periodically promoted in international websites for teachers.
  • The KidArt area needs a coordinator to keep it alive.
  • We will continue working in the remaining WAI modules to make them available, (Friends and Family, Roots, Rights, Virtual vacation). A-LuisP already started to translate Who I am? and Where I live? in Spanish.
  • We must find a solution to allow youth to update their images in ShowCase and other Gallery albums.

Annual Meeting

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