Meeting Notice

KA Annual Meeting 2010

KA Annual Meeting 2010 Notice

Changes made after 31/12 2009 are marked in red.

The Annual meeting 2010 for the Kidlink Association starts in our Kidlink Association group ( on 1 February. The annual meeting is open for all Kidlink Association members who paid member due 2010 before 1/2. All our emails are sent to

Annual Meeting 2010 agenda.

As AofA changes have been approved, the agenda has been updated. Click here to open the updated agenda.

The Agenda may change according to the AofA change approvals. The dates are approximative.

  1. Call to order (1 February)
  2. Registration of members participating in the meeting (1 February)
  3. Election of meeting chairman and secretary (2 February)
  4. Approval of Annual Meeting 2009 Minutes
  5. Election of meeting minutes verifier and a responsible for counting the votes (4 February)
  6. Meeting notice approval (8 February)
  7. Adoption of the agenda (8 February)
  8. AofA Changes (9 February)
  9. Annual report and financial statement (14 February)
  10. Accountants report about annual report and financial statement (14 February)
  11. Grant discharge to the Board (18 February)
  12. Member dues (18 February)
  13. Member motions (Must be sent to before 18 January 2010)
  14. Election of new Board members (20 February)
  15. Election of one/two accountants for one year term. (20 February)
  16. Election of a new election committee for one year term (20 February)
  17. Approval of Annual Meeting 2010 Minutes (26 February)
  18. Closing of the Annual Meeting. (28 February)

Aofa change proposals and other documents

All documents related to the Annual Meeting 2010 are to be found at

Board members to be elected

  • If the AofA changes about the treasurer election is approved (AofA proposal 11), we need themembers to confirm the Boards election of André Rombauts as a treasurer with term until 2011.
  • Pia and Stellan confirmed they continue their work in the Board.
  • We are waiting for Oscars confirmation to keep his chair until 2012.
  • Bonnie Thurbers term runs out 2010. She is willing to be reelected.
  • We are looking for a new Youth Representative, willing to lead the Youth Committee.
  • We are waiting for Jings confirmation if she wants to be reelected for a three year term.
  • If you want to add motions to the agenda, you must present the motion to before 18/1 2010. This will give the members time to think on it.
  • All KA-members are invited as listeners to the next Board meeting on Skype 10/1 2010 13.30 GMT
Stellan Kinberg
Kidlink Association Chairman

Annual Meeting

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