Who-Am-I? Questions&Activities
Question n.1

Each  "Discussion Questions" and "Activities" are optional. Decide with your students what questions to answer,what activities to work on and which final products you will share here.

Usually, the learning process starts with a face-to-face discussion in a classroom or some other meeting place.  After the discussion, conclusions and views are shared with peers through the personal pages in Kidspace.  

1. Question: Who Am I?

Discussion Questions
  • Introduce your class or group to those who are participating in our program module. Include your school or group name, number of students, your town, village or city and country
  • Do you know the meaning of your name? Do you know the meaning of the names in the rest of your family?
  • Different cultures, languages, and religions in different parts of the world have resulted in different ways of giving and using names. In your country: how do you use surnames? Do all family members have the same surname? Mother, father, and children?
  • Do you have a pet? What is your pet's name? What does the name mean? Why did you select the name?
  • Do you create your own music? What is your favorite music? Why is it your favorite over the others? Is there a special music for dancing? Do you know any ethnic music and dances?
  • Who is your favorite pop singer? Why is he or she your favorite? Do you think his or her name has anything to do with their fame?
  • Which is your favorite musical group? Do you know the meaning of its name?
Activities (suggestion)
  • Construct a life-sized collage with the names of the students in your class. Take a picture of it and publish it in your page in Kidspace. Add your group or class introduction.
  • Look in a baby-naming book for the meaning of the names of your friends and family. Send a list of the names of the students in your group with their meaning to your online classmates. Ask them to guess which are girls' names and which are boys' names. For some help go to Resources
  • Ask an elderly relative in your family what were the favorite names used when he or she was a child and make a list of those names.
  • Make an acronym of your name. Add a drawing. Make a web page in Kidspace  with all the acronyms of your group and invite your online friends to visit your page.
  • Interview your parents and ask them how your name was given. Who decided and why? What is the meaning of your name and how was your name decided? Do any relatives have your name? What is the history of your name?  Resources
  • If it is possible, bring your instrument to class and play your favorite piece. If you do not know how to play an instrument, bring a recording of your favorite music or group. What does this music mean to you? If it is a song, what is the meaning of the song? Why is it special for you? Ask your online friends about their favorite songs and music.
  • Do you know any ethnic dances? Do you have to wear special costumes for these dances? Share them with your group and take pictures of the costumes and dances. Make recordings of the music. Construct a web page with pictures of the costumes and dances. Insert sound files with the music, you may add diagrams of the dances or even a movie file with the dance so everyone can enjoy. Share this page with the students participating in the program module. Ask your online friends about their dances and costumes.
  • Write the answer to the question "Who Am I?". Tell about your likes and dislikes, and the things that make you what you are. Save this answer on your kidspace page in Students'Pages where you will add the answers to the next three Kidlink questions. See Stephanie's answers as sample (2002-03)

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