Who-Am-I? Program

A set of various projects with several activities and suggestions to help students build a positive self-image, allows for cooperative learning (online and locally) and development of peer relationships.
You can focus on the different facets and so choose the more appropriate project in order of your student curriculum and needs, e.g.
writing, research, social studies, history, geography, foreign languages, economics, mathematics, science, the arts, current awareness, as well as personal development, Internet networking skills, information and communications technology skills.

When students have a purpose (to get friends) and an audience, they want to read, write, and use numbers. They demand knowledge to realize their purpose.The program gives otherwise "boring" classroom tasks meaning forstudents. It tends to increase cooperation, make classroom relationships more positive, which may lead to decreased violence, and make students more focused.

The Who-Am-I? program aims to:

  • Guide children to knowledge about themselves, their place, rights, friends, families, and roots and brings them in contact with youth around the world.
  • Help students set and begin the process of reaching their goals
  • Support children in the act of growing up and living, without imposing adult views, religious or political points of view on them.
  • Help children get friends, build social networks, and cooperate with peers around the world.

The program is also a means to networking and cooperation with other teachers through out the world. Experiences and answers to help requests can efficiently be dealt withby peers working on the same items in their classrooms. For many,personal links and friendships with teachers having similar background and interests continue to be useful long after the conclusion of the program.




The Projects

1. Who-Am-I?
2. Where do I live?
3. My Friends and Family
4. What are my Rights
5. What are my Roots
6. Virtual Vacation


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