Math Cats Days Two and Three




Day Two in the classroom on the computer:

graphing your data

You may use the program provided or you can use MS Word or MS Excel if you prefer.
Which ever program you choose, be sure your students know how to work it. Remember to have students save their graphs at the end of the class period. Save the graph with the subject of the data and/or students group #. All graphs must be emailed to:

Within the 3 school days of submission (provided your partnered school doesn't have a holiday, snow day, network down, or other emergency) your students’ data will be posted and ready. It is very important you keep communication open with your paired teacher and to have a few contingency lesson plans available. Taking time to navigate this site is also recommended while you wait for the data.

Encourage Students to login to the kidlink site in their free time and at home. Promote Dialog!


Day Three on the Computer and on Kidlink:

Day three On Kidlink: Log on to the Stats for Cool Math Cats project. Find your matched school and corresponding student partners take their data and calculate their median, mean, mode and range of their graphs and your graph, post your answers to their graph in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Have students  check the comment section on own graph and on your class page. Have each student reply all comments using their best netiquette.