Stats For Cool Math Cats




TARGET AGE GROUP: 11 & 12 Years of age

Meets 5th & 6th grade Math Common Core Standards

Project Includes:

Gathering and analyzing classroom statistical data

Graphing data collected

Calculating: mean, median, mode, and range of data collected 

Contrasting and comparing global data accumulated

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Project Registration For 2015 Starts: September 10th

Deadline for registration October 10th

Project Begins: October 15th

Estmated Completion Date:  Approximatly 2 weeks after project starts.

Student's pages for the 2015 project are to be created here.

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Please veiw past projects to see the layout of the student works.

Schools Participating in Math Cats in 2011-2012
Click on the schools name to view

Gymnasium #1, grade 9, Kalachinsk, Russia WITH Lövgärdesskolan grade 9, Göteborg, Sweden
"Capozzi-Galilei", Valenzano, Italy WITH Charles Town Middle School drop down forClass A USA

Gymnasium #1,Kalachinsk, Russia WITH Charles Town Middle School drop down for Class B USA

St. Joseph School, USA WITH Charles Town Middle School drop down for Class C, USA


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