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Robert's Rules of Order

Table of Contents


PART I: Meetings and Organizations

Chapter 1 - The Basics

Chapter 2 - The Order of a Business Meeting

Chapter 3 - Presenting Business to the Assembly

Chapter 4 - Debating the Motion

Chapter 5 - Voting

PART II: Motions Simplified

Chapter 6 - Motions

Chapter 7 - Using Subsidiary Motions to Help Adopt a Main Motion

Chapter 8 - Using Privileged Motions

Chapter 9 - Using Incidental Motions

Chapter 10 - Using Motions That Bring a Question Again Before the Assembly

PART III: Membership

Chapter 11 - Officers

Chapter 12 - Nominations and Elections

Chapter 13 - Committees

Chapter 14 - The Role of the Member

Chapter 15 - Discipline

PART IV: Meetings and Strategies

Chapter 16 - Meetings

Chapter 17 - Strategies for Individual Motions Illustrated

Chapter 18 - Most Frequently Asked Questions

PART V: Governing Documents

Chapter 19 - Various Types of Governing Documents

Chapter 20 - Bylaws

PART VI: Appendices

Appendix A: Correct Parliamentary Terminology

Appendix B: Meeting Script

Appendix C: Sample Minutes

Appendix D: Steps in Making a Motion

Appendix E: Ranking of Motions

Appendix F: A History

Appendix G: Who Was Henry Robert?

Appendix H: National Organizations

Appendix I: Motions That Take a Majority Vote

Appendix J: Motions That Take a Two-Thirds Vote

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