Board member Handbook


February 1. Annual meeting call of order by chairman

First board meeting?
New board members introduction

May Board meeting
Reviewing Annual Plan 2015. What has to be done?
June Board meeting
September Board meeting
October Board meeting: Annual Plan 2015 brainstorm and writing
November Board meeting: Annual Report 2014 writing.
Collaboration with Auditor.
December Board meeting: Approval of Annual Meeting Documents
31. Sending Annual Meeting Notice
January Board meeting: Member motions



Kidlink Association is not registered at Bolagsverket (Swedish Companies Registration Office) as it costs a lot of money to register and update data like eg who is to sign for KA. 

Tax authority

Phone number: +46 (0) 771 567 567

Skattekontoret Mariestad
Kidlink Association organization number: 802445-1752
Registered: 2009-02-20

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken

Phone number: +46 (0) 771 62 10 00

IBAN: SE7750000000050211195863 BIC: ESSESESS
VISA. Card number: 4075 1300 0189 6858. Exp: 04/17. Name: 

Login "företag" with "personnummer" 5310315014 and "digipass" code given by Digipass that Stellan has.

The banc requires an authenticated copy of the latest revised AofA and the latest Annual Meeting Minutes. 

Sign for the association

AofA. The Articles of Association must clearly tell who sign for the Association. The actual AofA states that the chairman, the deputy chairman and the treasurer sign for the Association.

Annual Meeting. Those who sign must be elected by the Association Annual Meeting and their names, clearly documented in the Annual Meeting Minutes. According to the Minutes from 2012, those who sign for the Association are Bonnie Thurber and Stellan Kinberg. Pia Avolio de Martino was elected 2009 in the Constitutive meeting as deputy chairman. 

If what is said above, is not correctly documented, an extraordinary member meeting must be called where the officers who sign are elected and the procedure documented in this member meeting minutes.

Articles of Association and Annual Meeting Minutes

AofAThe AofA must contain the Association name and its address. All papers of the Articles of Association must be signed by the ordinary Board members. At the end of the document, the board members add their signature, their full name and their international phone number. A copy of the AofA must be given to the Banc whenever revised, at least every two years.  

Annual meeting minutes. The Annual Meeting Minutes must be signed the same way as the AofA, by the Secretary and the Annual Meeting Minutes Verifier. Who is what must be written at the end of the document. 

The AofA and the Minutes must document who sign for the association and the associations address.

Roberts rules

Link to Roberts Rules of Order


Board members role

Every member and especcially the chairman and the vice chairman must know the Articles of Association.

The Chairmans role

"Whatever the structure of the organization, the president has authority to do only the things that are assigned to that office by the bylaws. Often, those elected to the office of president misunderstand their role in the organization and believe that the members have given them free reign to run the organization any way they please, thus setting up a dictatorship." (2)

"The president has authority to do only the things that are assigned to that office by the bylaws." 
Setting Goals for the Organization (following annual plans)
Performing Administrative Duties (keeping board meeting minutes, banc and tax authority contacts, annual meeting preparations)
Presiding at Meetings
Keeping order (paper and digital documentation)
Ensuring fairness and impartiality 
Protecting the rights of the members (2)
Good judgment

The Deputy Chairmans role

"It must not be forgotten that in the case of the absence of the president the first vice president must preside, and in case of the illness or resignation or death of the president that the first vice president becomes president for the unexpired term, unless the rules specify how vacancies shall be filled. In such case the second vice president becomes the first, and so on. It is a mistake to elect a vice president who is not competent to perform the duties of president." (Article X : 58 Roberts Rules of Order

The deputy chairmans must therefore learn, to be able to take over the role as president.


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