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Activity 2: Participant Discussion Participant Discussion

After registering for the Project, students and teachers who would like there school on the map need to send email to what school name, city, state and country so all students and teachers participating in the project will be able to see the locations each ...

Fun Facts about the moon

What do you know about the moon?

What do you know about the moon's circumference?

How far away from earth is the moon?

Do some research, what is your favorite moon fact?

Start a new topic or reply. We need facts, answers and questions about the moon.

Activity 4: Adding Comments to Gallery Pages Chinese Students' Web Pages

Each student please click your school's name and add your moon images as a reply. Also write a description and explaination for each image. You may post moon images, poetry, stories, and information about  moon festival. After you have posted your images and text, click save. When your work is ...