2022 Schools

                                                                                   SCHOOLS 2022

Here are the schools involved in the Spring 2022 project session.
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TEAMS 2022

TeacherSchoolCountryStudents NumberGrade/Level         
1a-PradipD Z.P.School BokaddareIndia128
2a-ChienHChongqing Junior High SchoolTaiwan358
3a-LudmilaVSecondary School 18Russia256
4a-TarunaKRamagya School DadriIndia506
5a-AlesaDHrazdan #11 school after William SaroyanArmenia107
6a-ClaireWEr Chong Junior High SchoolTaiwan208
7a-SK ST PATRICKSk St Patrick, Tawau, Sabah Malaysia106
9a-NatalyiaMPrivate Kaptan SchoolTurkey601
11a-JudyWJiangcui Juniour High SchoolTaiwan97-8-9
12a-SvetoslavaRLanguage Plus 12Bulgaria1008
13a-WasanaRJinaraja Model Primary SchoolSriLanka  104
14a-AnnaGZespół Szkół Samorządowych 1Poland201
15a-NatalyiaMGlobal SchoolTurkey706
16a-HugoMCBTis 66Mexico16011
17a-GloriaACrestbridge SchoolNigeria354
18a-MingYWanfu Elementary schoolTaiwan205
19a-LucineJSecondary School 18Russia287-8
20a-SandyTKaohsiung Industrial High SchoolTaiwan3011
21a-YunchaiCKaohsiung Municipal Wunshan Senior High SchoolTaiwan3011


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