Ins. M. Aurèlia Capmany - Cornellà (Barcelona)

We are 13 students aged 12-13 years old. We work at Institut Maria Aurèlia Capmany, in Cornellà (Barcelona). We met all together on wednesday february 1st and very soon, with only 2 hours of classwork , we felt we are going to enjoy working these months.  We are going to participate in D/D both in Catalan and in English languages. This course we are going to participate in various Kidlink projects, until the end of may.

We are a funny and enthusiastic group. It seems we like to work together and to help each other. So we think we can manage in both languages eventhough some of us are not studying English!!!! We are sure we'll succeed!

Do you want to visit our descriptions? Wait some days since we have to register to Kidspace first!

We are: 
Andrea, Marina, Arianna, Judith, Sara, Kymberlyn, Gabriel, Raquel, Sergio, Laura, Ali, Gia Pierre, Verónica and David (the teacher).

Our partners are from Alapaevsk, Russia:
Egor, Anya, Kirill, Snezhana, Pasha, Nastya, Alena, Semyon, Ann, Zhenya, Xenya, Ann, Varya and Olga (the teacher).

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