Edit a page

NOTE: In order to be able to edit a page you need to be the page contributor, 
a project manager or a kidspace administrator

1. At the bottom of the page you will find some buttons. If you see the"Edit Page" button it means you are allowed to do so. Click it.

Edit a page window will pop up that look like in this image:

2. Change your project title if you want just by deleting the content in the box next to the text "Page Title". If you are a teacher or a kidspace administrator, you can change the page settings so you make ita project, to allow comments and/or active.

3. Change your page content by editting the text on the editor. Once you save your page the old text will be replaced by the text you just typed in. IMPORTANT. Do not paste texts from Browsers, Microsoft Word or other WYSIWYG word processors! These editors add codes that may create problems. Paste from notepad, gedit or similar editors. 

4. Add images clicking on the Media icon in the editor. Read more about media here.

5.  When you are done with your changes, click on the "Save Changes" button from the top.

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