What Was School Like For Our Parents? (Sweden)

What Was School Like For Our Parents? (Sweden)

Sarsame Abdulahi Parents
Our parents went to go school in Somalia, Poland, Kosovo and Irak. Our parents went to school when they were seven years old.

Our Parents' School
We in our group have interviewed our parents about their school. When our parents were in school they hadthese rules. When they start the school in the morning they had to stay in line so the teacher could look if clothes were clean. They could buy food or take food from home. The grades were from 1-5. The children had to write with right hands.
Gada, Postmaster

School in Kosovo
Our group Emir,Hamide and Eldin have interviewed our parents. They went in school in Kosova. They started school when they were 7 years old. They had the same subjects as they have now. They had grades from 1-5. They went to primary school in 8 years and then they went to college in 4 years.
There were very hard rules in that time. They were not allowed to have too long nails, not have dirty clothes, respect the teacher. Every day a student had to clean the classroom or the punishment was this: You got beaten up with a stick on the fingers.
Bye from Emir, The Postmaster

School in Bosnia and Kosovo
Our parents went to school in Bosnia and Kosovo. In some schools they got food in others they had to buy or take food from home.They got grades from the first class. They had to wear uniforms and if they came too late for a lesson then their teacher beat them up.
From Gezim, Seima, Meho and Senada

Our Parents' School
Our parents go in school in Bosnia,Kosova and Kongo in Kosova. They had no food. All children must have uniform at the sport class but at the classroom all children do not have uniform at Bosnia. It was same thing in Kongo. No food in school and they have uniform. They go mixed classes. It was also same in Bosnia and Kosovo. Kosovo children got beaten up in school.the same in Bosnia and in Kongo.
From Boris,Nermin,Aida and Edona

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