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The Landmark Game
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Terry Smith, Western Illinois University -  Moderator
New Games Start Each Year in February !!!

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Tips for Playing the Landmark Games

Past Participants are from: Russia, Sweden, USA, Germany, Taiwan, China, Pakistan, South Africa, France, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and the Czech Republic.

What is the Landmark Game?

Choose a Landmark any where in the world. Have your students research facts concerning the landmark and compose nine interesting clues. Three clues per week will be posted over a three week period. All registered teams can ask one yes or no question per week of each team in the game. At the end of the three weeks the team which guessed the most landmarks will be declared the winner within the categories or Primary (A and B) or Challenge!

To Participate go to the New Landmark Page at this link:

Timeline and Registration:
1. The specific start, finish, and deadline dates are listed on the Rules and Timeline page.
2. All schools/teams wishing to participate must register by midnight of the start date period, and must send nine clues to the landmark game moderator by midnight of that date. E-mail your registration form to the Landmark moderator.

1. School Name, address, phone - (skype & twitter also encouraged)
2. Contact person and email address
3. Email address for playing

Phase I -Letter of Introduction and Sending Clues

Participants register with Kidlink, then they can post introductions in the Landmark Introductions Forum. They share something about their school, class, and town. 

  Teams choose a landmark and work on creating nine clues. Teams send their nine clues and the name of their landmark to the landmark moderator on or before the entry deadline. A list of all participants and email addresses will be linked from the current Landmark project page.

Phase II - Game Time

On three consecutive Mondays, the moderator will post three clues on the Landmark web page. During each week, a question requiring a yes or no answer may be asked in email  of each team. Each team is allowed only one actual guess of the landmark at the end of the three week question time, so do your research!

Phase III - Make Your Guesses

Send an email to the moderator listing the name of each participating school and your guess for their landmark. This message must be in the hands of the moderator by midnight of the deadline. A winner will be announced shortly afterward.  The moderator will post a list of each school's final tally, as well as a list of all the schools' landmarks.


Note: this is a reflection written by the 2001 Landmark moderator, Carol Siwinski of Germantown Academy in Pennsylvania.

This project has many wonderful aspects. It not only crosses the curriculum areas allowing students to call on their writing, problem solving, critical thinking, map reading and organizational skills but it also crosses grade levels and cultures. As you can see from the participant list elementary, middle and high school students from around the world participated as equals.

Send Comments or questions to Terry Smith:

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