Landmark Games
Sign Up begins February 1, 2016 - See Rules Below

   The Games are Officially Concluded for 2015

We had 78 Teams Playing in the 2015 Games!


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TIPS for Setting Up Landmark Groups in Your Classroom

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Past Game Players: Lebanon, Russia, USA, Germany, Taiwan, China, Pakistan, South Africa, France, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Israel, Canada, Spain, England, Indonesia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic.

Sign Up to Play between Feb 1- Feb 13
2015 Clues Posted: Monday Feb 15, Monday Feb 22, Monday Feb  29
Guesses Sent to Moderator:  Week of March 7-11 (I will post answer sheets for each Group. Send Answer Sheets back to me.)
All Final Scores Posted: Friday  Mar 18, 2016.

Who plays the Landmark Games?
Hello and Welcome from your project coordinator, Terry Smith. This very challenging project is for students ages 9 and up, in grades 4 and higher.  Because the age ranges can go as high as 16 and 17 with some of our international players (who speak English as a second language), the project has two levels of play. The younger players are in the Primary Game (Groups A and B) and the older players are in the Challenge Game. Younger teams are welcome to be in the Challenge Game, but the level of difficulty is much greater. See the instructions on each of the links above for rules specific to these two levels of play.

Nastya from Mrs. Tarasevich's class in Aban, Russian Federation describes academic benefits of this global challenge:

More Videos:  Mr. Ferguson's 4th grade in New Hampshire and Mrs. Bashour's class in Lebanon.


NOTE: All schools/teams wishing to participate must sign up by the start date period, and must send nine clues and the answer to the Landmark Games coordinator at

How do we play the Landmark Games?  (See TIPS for Setting Up Landmark Groups in Your Classroom)
1- Students choose a culturally, historically, or geographically significant Landmark anywhere in the world, and they research facts concerning the location.
2- Next, they collaborate to compose nine interesting but challenging clues.
3- These 9 clues are emailed to the Landmark coordinator.
4- Over the next three weeks, three clues per week will be posted on the Landmark Clues Pages.

5- Teams are allowed to email ONE yes or no question per week to the other teams.
At the end of the three weeks, all guesses are emailed to the Landmark coordinator -
7- Totals of correct guesses and answers to all Landmarks are posted on the project site.


Project-based Learning in 21st Century Competencies
The multi-leveled, cross-curricular aspects of the Landmark Games provide authentic practice for developing the skills and competencies students need to succeed. While working with topics related to social studies, history, literacy, math, and science, students are also developing the competencies needed to use academic content: Collaboration, Organization, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity, Technology Skills, and Global Awareness.  Because this learning experience is situated in project form, all levels of students can participate toward individual and group goals, while the teacher facilitates and assesses the learning.

One exciting outcome of participating is that teams often develop enduring relationships for future classroom-to-classroom interactions with new friends from around the world!

How to Register and Join
1. If you have played before, you do not need to register again, just click on Landmark Rules and Timeline to see the required information needed for joining the game and send it to

2. If you are new: There are two steps for joining:
(1) Teachers Register as an adult at the Kidlink
Registration Page and
(2) then Go to the Landmark Rules and Timeline page to see the required information needed for playing the game - send it to

Teacher Login Usernames
A username is made with the letter a (for adult) followed by your first name and then last initial. For me, Terry Smith, my username is a-TerryS. Use this format for your username.

Networking With Other Professionals
After sending in your info, we have a project Facebook Group (a closed group for teachers only - Request to Join) where you can  tell us about your part of the world, what your class likes to do, and about your school. You can communicate with other participants from all over the world. We always encourage creative use of technology so also communicate with Skype, FaceTime, Twitter, texting as well as email!

Send Comments or questions to:

Terry Smith
Landmark Coordinator
School of Teacher Education & Leadership
Radford University  | Radford, VA
Twitter: smithtk