How to partecipate



To show your interest to the project  itself, fill out the Application form  

enlightenedPlease first of all read the Project Rules


 STEP 1°

  • First teachers have to register theirselves and their students (Optional)following the instructions at  Teacher Registration page in order to get their username and password.
    • Students'registraton is optional. Only if you want your students create their pages by theirselves they need to be registered. Otherwise  you publish their work with your username.
  • Teachers will introduce their groups/ schools or country by creating pages under the Activity 2016  to promote a better  knowledge among the students. To do this teachers have to click on "Create Page" at the bottom of the page.


  1. Each student  needs his personal page,  to post his/her math challenges and art to illustrate their clues. 

  2. If students are registered, they can do it by clicking on "Create Page" at the bottom of their school page. In order to post a math challenge, add and read comments, students must be logged. Otherwise the teacher will do it in their place

  3. Students can solve the math challenges of other students by clicking on "Add Comments" and posting their solution. We ask all students who solve math challenges to describe for us how they solved them.

  4. Teachers have to activate students pages and comments (They will receive an alert email with a link)

  5. During the activity students are invited to post comments in their pages' parteners.

For every questions or doubts, please contact the coordinator Pia Avolio de Martino