Annual Meeting Minutes 2013

Annual Meeting Minutes 2013

I. Call to order. (1 February)

!!. Registration of members participating in the meeting.

List participating members names here. 

III. Election of meeting chairman and secretary. (14 February)

Bonnie Thurber was elected chairperson of the meeting
Larisa was elected secetary of the meeting

IV. Election of meeting minutes verifier and votes counter. (20 - 26 February)

Domenico Filippini was elected vote counter by majority.
Thersa Allan was elected meeting minutes varifier by majority.

V.  Approval of meeting notice. (8 February)
The meeting notice was approved by a majority.

VI. Adoption of the meeting agenda. (20 February)

The meeting agenda was approved by a majority of votes

A vote to move to item 10 while waiting for the auditor's report was approved by majority vote.

VII. The Board's Annual Report and Financial Statement. (June 25)

The Board's Annual Report and Financial Statement were approved by the Association.
VIII. Auditors review of The Annual Report and Financial Statement. (May 25)
The Association approved the Annual Report and Financial Statement.

IX. Approving of the previous Boards work. (= grant discharge to the Board) (June 25)

The Board for 2012 was discharged by the Association.

X. Establishing membership dues. (18 February

Membership dues as listed at were approved by a majority vote.

David Donat commented: I want to add to my vote the following reflection (sorry if my English is not good enough):

It would be possible to do it in another way? Our payment system, flexible according to GNI, seems to me not only fair, but also enriching for us. 

I want Kidlink to be a cozy association with people all around the world. I want a partnership rich, not in money but in cultural and social diversity. I want everyone who wants to get involved in our association finds the door open to do it. 

XI. Motions from the Board and the Members. (NB! These motions must be sent to before 18 January 2013.)
There were no motions from the Board or Kidlink Members.
XII.  Election of two ordinary Board members for a three year term.

 Domenico Filippini, Joyce Fischer were elected by the Association.

XIII. Election of three deputy members for one year terms

 David Donat, Govinda Prasad, Larisa Tarasevich were elected by the Association.

XIV. Election of two youth representatives for a one year term.

Ambika  Khurana, Veronica Tarasevich were elected by the Association.

XV. Election of one auditor for a one year term. (20 February)
This election did not take place. The Kidlink Board will be looking for an audior and hopes all members will take part in the search.

XVI. Approval of Annual Meeting 2012 Minutes. (26 February)

XVII. Closing of the Annual Meeting. (28 February)