Annual Plan 2013

Annual Plan 2013

Kidlink Association
Established 2012/12/30


AofA Art 5 says:
"The Board's Annual Report and Financial Statement must be sent to the members together with the notice to the Annual Meeting." The Document, once approved by the Annual Meeting 2013 will be made public from the Kidlink Association main page at 

Kidlink Association Financial Plan 2013

  • Kidlink Association Financial Plan 2013 is sent as a separate document.

Board Meetings

  • The Board will continue to have its meetings in Skype Board chat.

Kidlink Association Membership and Sponsorship

  • Further efforts must be made to get more members to the Kidlink Association and to get more donations. We must make it is easier to find out how to pay for membership and to do donations. 
  • A working Kidlink Project depends on the support of paying members. We must inform that membership does not mean time consuming meetings. Members are allowed to participate in the Annual meeting but do not need to do so.

Kidlink volunteers

  • We need more Kidlink volunteers.  Several of us are 50+ so we need more younger teachers. One important way to get more volunteers, is to get more teachers involved in our projects. Engaged participants may be more positive helping out with volunteership.
  • We have now moved our Board dialog to our Project Skype chat to make our work more visible. We hope that this move will give positive effects.

Kidlink Dialog and Documentation

  • We have worked with Facebook group and pages during 2012. Look e.g. at  Facebook seems to be a very useful service that connects teachers interested in Kidlink Projects. We will continue on this path during 2013.
  • We have a Twitter account. The use of it will be improved.
  • We did not succeed to move our Google group dialog to our Drupal Forum. We want to get the Drupal forum working during 2013. An email alert system must be enabled so we get alerted when someone writes in the forum. 

The Kidlink Site and site visibility online.

  • We will try to create easy links for our users. Addresses like are not easy to share. Twitter links like and similar will be looked at.
  • We need to get Kidlink more visible on search engines. We must strive to get Kidlink on the first page for important keywords. It is important to use frequently used keywords like e.g. "global projects", "school projects" in our pages. We maybe should also think about having some information pages ("Landing pages") or project pages translated in other languages so keyword combinations in other languages appears too.
  • We know how to create "Responsive design" pages, pages that adapt to the navigation tool uses, whether it is a Smartphone, a Tablet or a Desktop computer. Our ambition is to have a "Responsive design" Kidlink site in 2013.

Privacy and Security

  • Our server has been subject to fewer attacks during 2012. We have so far not had any damage on our activity. Even if Stellan, the chairman, is able to manage the server and the scripts and has succesfully solved problems so far, his knowledge of server security is limited. With only one programmer and server manager, Kidlink is very vulnerable. We need to find a good volunteer and systemail administrator.


  • We want to get one registration only for adults. Adults should login in and authomatically get logged in in Kidspace. We have studied this and should be able to realize this during 2013.


  • We would like to merge ICollaboratory and Kidlink somehow, during 2013.

Language areas

  • We are only a few volunteers, so we can not afford to translate general pages, like the about pages. But we welcome translation of project pages if someone is offering us this. E.g. David translated some project pages. The Board has looked at Babylon translator as an option in case someone asks for information in another language than English. 
  • We also think to improve our visibility among Italian teachers thanks to a new group in Facebook called Kidlink Italia where Italian teachers can meet and plan projects in Italian language. 

 Youth engagement

  • We are having a hard time to find good youth leaders, willing to help out with the youth committee and in the board. We do not want to abandon this project but hope to find youth leaders during 2013.


  • We will continue our work on Multicultural calendar (MCC) and Multicultural recipes as a combined project. They are quite ready. 
  • We had a lot of projects running in Italian. We have lost a lot of Italian teachers now. This may depend on the difficult situation in Italian schools right now. But one reason may also be that our projects are not found online. We must do efforts on advertising our projects, like on Global Classroom, Global classroom wiki etc. 
  • We intend to spread some projects in Italian language as we realized that this is what a request.


  • We had the ambition to create several committees with volunteers, committed to different works, like the youth committee, registration committee, the  system committee, the project committee. This is stated in the AofA. As it is now, the committees are one person committees without volunteers helping out. Only the project committee, led by Pia has several teachers engaged. We plan to evaluate the existence or not of these committees during 2013.