Financial Statement 2012

Financial Statement 2012

Kidlink Association
Established 2012/12/30

1. 2012 Balance

The exchange rate 31/12 2012 is 1 USD = 6.29 SEK (

Year 2012 started with a balance from 2011 of $ 1202 USD (kr 7561 SEK) in the Paypal account and of 8035 SEK on the banc Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) account. Both accounts are owned by Kidlink Association. The treasurer access to the Paypal account and the chairman accesses the banc Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) account and forward banc reports to the treasurer.

On Dec 31st 2012 the Paypal account balance reached $ 2253 USD (kr 14170 SEK) and the total SEB account kr 5979 SEK. The total balance is thus 20149 SEK. The 2012 global balance shows financial operations (expenses, incomes and internal transfers) for 4552.89 SEK (figure 1).

1621 SEK were spent in bank costs (Paypal and SEB fees and currency change losses). 3705 SEKwere spent for webhost (
We did not have to pay taxes to the Swedish Tax authorities.

2012 KA membership

In 2012, 19 people were registered as regular KA members. Members having paid their dues in 2012 are, in alphabetical order: 

Eyglo Bjornsdottir, Bob Davis,  Beverlyn Ferris, Domenico Filippini, Bent KarkovStellan Kinberg, Jayshree Misra, Luis Fernando Peniche Novelo, Lely Nunez (Martin Loy), Esperanza Sepulveda, Ferdi Serim, Graziella Seveso, Andrea Francesco Simonetti, Terry Smith, Lara Stefansdottir, Anne-ToveVestfossen, Patricia Weeg, Daniel Wheeler, Hanne Wolff

The 15 Kidlink members already registered in 2012 as regular KA members for 2013 are, in alphabetical order: 

Pia Avolio de Martino, Eyglo Bjornsdottir, David Donat, Beverlyn Ferris,  Joyce Fisher, Stellan Kinberg, Odd de Presno, Esperanza Sepulveda, Andrea Francesco Simonetti, Terry Smith, Larisa Tarasevic, Bonnie Thurber, Dan Wheeler, Laurie Williams, Hanne Wolff

2. 2013 Planned balance: Payment by 22 members. 

In economic terms, the balance on Dec 31st 2012 is sufficient for Kidlink to run the server in 2013.

The planned balance is assuming a few more members in 2013. The 2013 Linode bill is paid monthly and bank costs set at a « high » level. This plan shows a positive balance at the end of 2013.

Bonnie Thurber
KA Board member and treasurer