KA Annual Meeting 2013 Notice

KA Annual Meeting 2013 Notice

The Annual meeting 2013 for the Kidlink Association will begin in our Kidlink Association group (http://groups.google.se/group/kidlink-association) on 1 February. The annual meeting is open for all Kidlink Association members who paid membership dues before the first of February 2013. For info on due payment read the information in www.kidlink.org/drupal/support. All our emails are sent to kidlink-association@googlegroups.com.

Annual Meeting 2013 agenda.
The dates are approximate.

  1. Call to order. (1 February)
  2. Registration of members participating in the meeting.
  3. Election of meeting chairman and secretary. (3 February)
  4. Election of meeting minutes verifier and votes counter. (4 February)
  5. Approval of meeting notice. (8 February)
  6. Adoption of the meeting agenda. (8 February)
  7. The Board's Annual Report and Financial Statement. (14 February)
  8. Auditors review of The Annual Report and Financial Statement. (14 February)
  9. Approving of the previous Boards work. (= grant discharge to the Board) (18 February)
  10. Establishing membership dues. (18 February)
  11. Motions from the Board and the Members. (NB! These motions must be sent to kidlink-association@googlegroups.com before 18 January 2013.)
  12. Election of two ordinary Board members for a three year term.
  13. Election of three deputy members for one year terms.
  14. Election of two youth representatives for a one year term.
  15. Election of one auditor for a one year term. (20 February)
  16. Approval of Annual Meeting 2012 Minutes. (26 February)
  17. Closing of the Annual Meeting. (28 February)

Board members to be elected

Two ordinary members are to be elected.
Three deputy members are to be elected. 
Two youth representative are to be elected.


We have no nominations yet.

Member motions

If you want to add motions to the agenda, you must present the motions to kidlink-association@googlegroups.com before 18 January 2013. This will give the members time to review them.


All documents related to the Annual Meeting 2013 are located at www.kidlink.org/drupal/AM-2013. If you have any difficulty reading the documents contact info@kidlink.org.

Stellan Kinberg
Kidlink Association Chairman