Kidlink Netiquette

KIDLINK is a global community, and users are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Specific guidelines are listed here. The intent is that users will observe the norms of social interaction, which includes respect for other people and their views.

Be aware

  • Remember that customs may be different in other countries.
  • Avoid jokes as these may easily be misunderstood
  • People you talk with may not be used to the language you are using.
  • Be careful with what you say, so that someone will not missunderstand you. 
  • Avoid non-standard forms of English, such as l33t. It is however acceptable to use standard IM abbreviations, but be prepared to explain any that the other person doesn’t understand.

Be Polite

  • Conduct yourself online like a polite person would in real life.
  • Also understand that the people you are typing to, are real people with real feelings.
  • Be aware of the sensitivity of others. 
  • Inappropriate language is not allowed. This includes cussing (for example the S-word and F-word) and people writing strange characters as $|%!#!#@.
  • Do now repeat messages

Be kind

If you are late answering, tell why and ask for understanding. 

Do not steal material

Obey copyright laws! Use only your own images and texts or use others work, that you have expressed permission to use.

If absolutely neccessary, we do allow short citations. Follow citation rules then using ", unique identifiers and parenthetical referencing.

If You Encounter a Problem

If someone bothers you by eg kidmail or kidchat, you may want to stop talking with that person and/or contact the Management Team with a message to or simply open the abuse form at

Drawing made by a Japanese children

Drawing made by a Japanese children