Fall Projects


Meets 6th grade Math Common Core Standards

                     Project Includes:

Gathering and analyzing classroom statistical data.

Graphing data collected.  Calculating: mean, median, mode, and range of data collected 

Contrasting and comparing global data accumulated

Give your students the chance to develop numerical sense  and to appreciate mathematics from a multicultural perspective!

Allows students to create a "math puzzle" in which the reader needs to figure out which numbers to use  (based on clues given by the author) and then  answer to the math problem!

Look e.g. at Kunal’s Problem:

My number is the number of pennies in a dollar divided by the number of  sides on a square plus the number of sides on a triangle.

See how other students  partecipated in this project in the past years. Archive 2001-2008

Scroll the menù on the top or click the link Activity 2016 in the sidebar and enjoy their works!

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