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I come from Grgar. It is a small village above the Soca valley in the heart of the hills and mountains, twenty minutes away from Solkan. About 750 people live there. Parts of my village are: Dol, Britof, Gorenja vas, Breg and Griè. In the centre of the village there is an old church St. Martin. Part of Grgar around the church is called Britof. On foothill of Sveta gora there is the oldest part of Grgar called Gorenja vas or just Vas (village).


You arrive in Grgar from Solkan over Prevalo. When you arrive in Dol you see on the right Kraški dol. It's a natural amphitheatre. In front of the old inn ½Pri Ivanèkovih½ there is a crossroads. One road goes to Banjšice, the other to Lokve. In front of the inn there is also a gothic monument from 15th century.


On foothill of Sveta Gora you can see a beautiful and small valley called Slatna. There are many holes. The biggest hole is Gospodnjek. We've got there a natural pool for swimming in summer.


In Grgar we have a lot of precipices. The brook Slatna is going underground there.


You can see a gothic church St. PeterÂ’s on our cemetery.


In Dol there is a plague sign and birth house of our Slovenian poet Matej Bor and his monument.


There is a green forest all around the village and small fields too. In winter it sometimes snows there. I like my village and the countryside around it as it is so peaceful and clean there.


 Sandra, Slovenia

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