Activity 2 - Find an Indigenous Culture

The second activity here is to share a description of an Indigenous culture who lived in your area.  Use the resources in your library, school classroom, or on the Related Links page.

Find a Culture --Post here (or send a class e-mail to the KIDPROJ list) a description of  your region and  Indigenous people that may have lived there. Include:

  • Your "global address" (longitude and latitude), you can use the Astro site to help you with this.
  • the climate,
  • geographical features,
  • natural resources
  • name of your people
  • Any interesting facts about your people

(Please post responses  by October 8th).

Then please make comments to other classes about their research.  Ask them questions about what they wrote, or tell what you liked about the report.  Remember, your comments need to be approved by the moderator before they are posted to the list, so it may take a day for your comment to show up here.

Happy Hunting for facts!!

Mrs. Schulz

Teacher Note:  Get the complete lesson plan here, with a worksheet for gathering information about other cultures we meet.

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